Janet and I are proud to sponsor a Juni Fisher concert with the net proceeds going to the Georgia Equine Rescue League.  GERL works with various civic and government agencies to ensure the protection of our equine friends.  If you’re a horse person in Georgia then you’re familiar with the good and important work done by GERL  Juni Fisher is an award winning, nationally recognized singer and story teller. The concert will be held on Saturday, January 23rd at the Bowen Center for the Arts in Dawsonville.  Click Here for details.  This concert is sold out!

Montana East Trail Challenge

December 15th, 2015 | Posted by Rich in All My Listings | Blog Post - (0 Comments)

My wife and I recently hosted a trail challenge event that’s  a little different from the usual obstacle course.  We set up a 2 mile course through our pasture and wooded area that included several creek crossings, a gate opening, 5 jumps, a dismount and mount on the offside,  2 grab a card stops, a steep hill/slide we like to call Snowy River, approximately 1/4 mile navigating through Talking Rock Creek, and a trailer loading as the final obstacle. The contestants are not rated on how skillfully they do the obstacles.  It is strictly on how fast they do the course.  The winning time was a fast 18 minutes and 15 seconds. When the contestants hit the bell at the finish line they were all out of breath, but had a big smile on their faces. It was a fun event with no injuries or unintentional dismounts.  We hope to do it again next year.