A Piece of Americana

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Jasper’s Fourth of July parade is always a lot of fun.  It doesn’t get more small town America than this.  I rode in it with several friends and had a great time.

Jasper Parade

Valley Torn Farm Sugar Valley, GA

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This 18 acre farm is located next to the National Forest in Sugar Valley.  Click here for property details and pictures.  Video of the property below.

Equine Industry Importance in Georgia

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ate last year, the University of Georgia conducted a study to estimate the importance of the equine industry in the state.  Funded by Georgia’s equine comminssion, the study was published earlier this year.  There is a link to the study on the Articles and News page

Considerations in selecting land for a horse farm

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recently put together a short list of things to be considered when buying land upon which you plan to build your dream horse farm.  This is by no means the ultimate set of  questions/considerations, but it’s a good start in your thinking process.  Click here to view the list

Cherokee County Saddle Club Event a Big Success

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Last Saturday, the Cherokee County Saddle Club held its first Annual Trail Challenge at Garland Mountain. Originally intending to ride in it, I ended up helping set up the course and transporting judges to and from  their obstacles.  While doing so, I made a short video. Click Here to view it.  Congratulations to CCSC for a very succesful event.

JRV Video

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I have a promotional video that’s been available on DVD for quite a while.  It’s been shorten and put on Youtube. If there’s anything I can do to assist you in buying or selling a horse property in the north Georgia mountains just let me know.


Thinking of selling – get an appraisal

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f you’re thinking of selling your horse farm, let me recommend to you that your first step should be to get an appraisal of your property.  With all the negative news that’s appearing in the media these days, I’m sure we’re all aware of the current real estate market conditions. Having a realistic opinion of the value of your farm is critical to a successful sale.  I’ve been fortunate to get 3 contracts on horse farms in the last few months.  In two situations, the buyer and seller couldn’t come to an agreed-to price and the negotiations stalled.   Fortunately, in each case, the parties agreed to have the property appraised. Once that objective evaluation was made known to both parties, negotiations continued to successful conclusions.    Having a current appraisal and sharing it with a potential buyer takes away all the subjectivity and generalizations that we see in the media on a daily basis and allows both parties to make decisions on the specifics of the farm itself.  If you’re thinking of selling, get an appraisal done by a qualified Appraiser

Price Reductions = Great Buys

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Two horse properties have just had their asking prices reduced making them both real  good deals even in this buyers market.  The asking price for the 14 acre farm in Union County  is now $279,900.  The Jim Barna log home on 17.5 acres in Dawson County is now $379,900.   Both owners are very motivated and the pricing reflects that.  If you’re in the market for a property with acreage in  north Georgia, you should check these out.

Moderate Trail Challenge

November 15th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Blog Post - (Comments Off on Moderate Trail Challenge)

This past Saturday Janet and I hosted our local club in our annual Moderate Trail Challenge.  I call it moderate because it’s not at all as difficult as Craig Cameron’s Extreme Trail Challenge.  Ours is basically a 2 mile timed event  with some “speed bumps” along the way. We had twenty contestants and the winning time was a hair more than 19 minutes.  Chick Filet in Ellijay catered lunch. It was a gorgeous day and this event and people remind me why I’m a tree hugger in north Georgia.

CTHA Poker Ride

November 8th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Blog Post - (Comments Off on CTHA Poker Ride)

I went to the annual Chattahoochee Trail Horse Association Poker Ride this past Saturday at Jake Mountain in north Georgia.  Took Chief, my appaloosa gelding, since he hadn’t been ridden in a while.  The CTHA does a great job in running this event and it’s for a worthy cause – trails maintenance.  The cold weather spell this weekend caused the turnout to be lower than expected, but the sun was out and the trails were dry.  The 3 hour ride was just what my boy needed and we had a wonderful time.  The CTHA has turned into a great riding club over the last 15 years or so and we trail riders are lucky to have such a dedicated group looking out for our trails.